Floppy beret




This stylish hat can be worn many different ways to suit your individual look.  The crown has a larger volume than a traditional beret, and visible, blanket-stitched seams.  It is made from a fine boiled wool that is both warm and pliant.  The base of the hat – the part that rests on your head – is bound in a cotton or silk fabric so there is no itch!  Inside the band is a loose elastic to help the hat stay in place.  There is an added pop of color on the inside of the band.


Although made in one size to fit most heads comfortably, I can make this to specifically fit your head size if needed.


The hat can be dry cleaned, but a quick steam press is all that is usually needed to keep it looking great.  

This is a lighter weight hat, yet it is still warm because it is wool.  It is available in many different colors and bands – please feel free to contact me to find out what is additionally available.

Please contact me for options and a clear timeline in case the product is out of stock.



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