Sustainable woolen garments to last a lifetime

scarf blue stripes

Bring beauty to your daily life.

Slow sustainable fashion, handcrafted with care in my Maine studio.

“A triumph! Both lightweight and warm. Jody’s artistry in her creation of her fabrics and then design of her clothes is exciting to witness and fun to order.  My newest creation just arrived during the bleakness of the pandemic - an elegant, fitted cobalt blue and black asymmetrically striped short jacket.  ”

Ruth, M, Virginia


“ Jody’s scarves are a rich combination of similar colors and hues, edged in silk, and lightweight.

My two heirloom scarves - one in shades of deep purple, teal, green and blue, and the second in sea green, gray, cream and apricot - have become the centerpiece of a multitude of ensembles.” 

Lisa S,  New York

“I feel so fortunate to have found Jody at a show several years ago.

Jody has created four different gorgeous wool jackets for me, and she’s working on making my third vest.

She is an absolute pleasure to work with every step of the way as she truly wants the customer to be totally satisfied. 

I am a perfectionist and not an easy person to please, but Jody always succeeds in doing so.”

Linda G, Maine

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